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Molly Molly

Molly is very skinny, has a skin disorder and is a little shaky on her feet.  Her nails are incredibly long,

February 22, 2018. Rutherford County Humane Society (RCHS) was called this week to the beautiful community of Yellow Top Mountain in Bostic to rescue dogs that were being neglected and abused.  Once we arrived, the owner had fled town leaving this Bostic community and the bank to pick up the pieces.  Seven volunteers armed with masks, gloves and boots ascending into the once beautiful home to find only one dog remained, a 140-pound Great Dane named Molly, whom we were able to rescue.  After trudging through up to 2-6 inches of dog feces and garbage, to our relief, no dead animals were found.  We were also able to salvage over 40 cages of all sizes from the house. 

Thank you to the volunteers of RCHS (Debbie, Norm, David, Chris, Sharon, Steve and Susan).  Thank you to Dr. Kelly at Foothills Animal Clinic for stepping in so quickly to care for the dog.  Thank you to Great Dane Friends Ruff Love Rescue for accepting this beautiful dog. 

RCHS rescues animals daily.  Rescues are physically and mentally exhausting. We need to do more rescues like this, but it takes money and resources.  If you care about your community and the work we are doing, please consider donating or volunteering.  We really need your help. 

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