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Rutherford County Humane Society Volunteer Application

Please complete this application, print out a copy for yourself, then click on the Submit Form Button at the top of the form. We will get back to you ASAP.

However, if you would like to foster pets for us - (we desperately need fosters) please complete the Foster Pet Parent Application.

Thank you for your interest in volunteering at Rutherford County Humane Society (RCHS).  We rely 100% on our compassionate, dedicated and hard-working volunteers.  Volunteers are critical to the success of our mission which is to “significantly improve the lives of the unwanted and neglected animals in Rutherford County.  Our volunteer support takes on a variety of forms.  If you have an idea or talent that can aid in our mission, we welcome your input. 

RCHS provides training for all volunteer positions, so having prior experience is not required.  We are looking for volunteers who are:
• 18 years of age or older or at least 16 if volunteering alongside a parent or guardian. 
• Willing to make a 3-month commitment of at least 3 hours per month. 
• Able to work autonomously following appropriate training. 
• Versatile and willing to step in occasionally outside your assigned areas depending on where the need is the greatest.   

Upon completion of your volunteer application, we will get back to you within 48 hours.  We may have additional questions based on your completed application to pinpoint your area of interest.  We will then sign you up for our next monthly orientation. 

For the safety of the animals and volunteers, all volunteers must attend an orientation and be trained in RCHS procedures. At orientation, you will receive basic information on animal behavior. It also allows time to learn about our mission, programs and procedures, ask questions, and to gain a thorough understanding of the many ways you can truly make a difference for the animals in our care. 


Personal Information

Name (First, Middle Initial, and Last)
Street Address:
Telephone Number
Cell Phone number
Email Address
Age - under 18 requires a parent/guardian's consent

Please provide a veterinarian reference in order to give us an idea of how well you care for animals

Veterinarian Name
Veterinarian Street Address
Veterinarian City
Veterinarian State
Veterinarian Zipcode
Veterinarian Telephone

Please provide two Character References

Reference #1 Name
Reference #1 Street Address
Reference #1 City
Reference #1 State
Reference #1 Zipcode
Reference #1 Telephone
Reference #1 Email
Reference #2 Name
Reference #2 Street Address
Reference #2 City
Reference #2 State
Reference #2 Zipcode
Reference #2 Telephone
Reference #2 Email

Please tell us what past experiences you have had with pet care and rescue.
Do you have any special skills or training?

What Days and Hours are you willing to volunteer your time? Are you able to have transportation to and from volunteer assignments?

We have a variety of different positions for volunteers. These include:

· Computer work – creative flyers

· Volunteer at  the thrift store (located in Lake Lure)

· Photography – pictures of pets for adoption

· Process pet adoption applications (received online)

· Foster pets

· Help transport pets to veterinary visits, adoption events, etc.

· Fund-raising events

· Assist with help line

· Many more

What would you like to do?

Please tell us About Yourself and what you hope to gain from volunteering. Do you have any physical or medical limitations?


  • I understand that in all my dealings with the public as a volunteer, I am representing Rutherford County Humane Society (RCHS), and that the public will consider my words and actions regarding rescue activities representative of the attitude and position of RCHS as an organization
  • I understand that I cannot enter into agreements for the organization. Any such activity will be forwarded to the RCHS Board of Directors.
  • I accept full responsibility for expenses incurred by myself as a volunteer. I will receive approval in advance for any reimbursement from a Board of Director officer. 
  • I understand I represent a non-profit organization and cannot profit from any activity related to the organization.
  • I understand that RCHS cannot guarantee or be held responsible for the health, behavior or temperament of any animal I may handle. I am aware that an animal may cause personal or property damage and agree to keep pets in my care securely contained.
  • I understand that all RCHS volunteer applicants are subject to a periodic home visit and reference check.
  • I will not hold RCHS, nor any of its members liable for any damage, injury or harm caused directly or indirectly through my volunteer activities.

Submitting a Volunteer Application signifies you have read and accept the conditions as stated above.

Thank you for your interest in volunteering your time to help our pets. After completing this application, please click on the 'submit form' button at the top of this form.