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Pet Tips

From Sissi Neace, Rutherford County Humane Society President & Animal Behaviorist

“My dog likes to ride in the back of my pick up truck. Is that safe?”

Dog in TruckAbsolutely not. The back of a truck is one of the most dangerous places for your dog!
I have personally seen a dog fly out of a truck bed after the truck hit a bump. The driver kept going and the poor dog landed in the road. The dog was lucky that there were no cars behind the truck. So, he limped away with a broken leg and jaw instead of being run over.

On the same note, dogs like to put their heads out the car window. I do not recommend this, either, unless your dog has eye goggles. The danger of bugs or road debris putting your dog’s eye out is not worth the little pleasure to hang his head out the window.

Cat Scratching Furniture
“Can you teach a cat not to scratch on your furniture?”

Yes, you can! But make sure to give them an alternative, as cats actually scratch to leave a scent from glands in their paws, not to sharpen their claws. A piece of carpet or post will do just fine. Rub it with catnip oil and watch them enjoy! If they scratch anywhere else, say “NO” loudly and clap your hands. Cats are quick to learn the correction “NO.”