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Pet Adoption Contract

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Rutherford County Humane Society Pet Adoption Contract

We reserve the right to refuse the adoption of any companion animal to anyone. ANY FALSE INFORMATION MAY RESULT IN THE NULLIFICATION OF THIS ADOPTION

This agreement, between adopting party(ies), herein referred to as 'adopter' &RCHS Inc., made and entered into this date:

Today's Date

Pet Information

Pet's Name Breed Gender

Age Color/Markings

Adopter's Information

Name Address City

State Zip Code Home Phone

Cell Phone Work Phone Email Address

Veterinarian's Information

Name Address City

Veterinarian State
State Zip Code Phone

1. Adopter agrees to have a home check as a condition for adoption.
2. Adopter shall keep the adopted animal as a household companion at adopter's residence and not use as a guard or hunting dog. A fenced-in yard is required.
3. Adopter agrees to provide proper food, fresh water, adequate shelter and indoor sleeping quarters for this animal.
4. Adopter shall provide the animal with necessary veterinarian care upon sickness, disease, or injury yearly inoculations and monthly heartworm preventative as recommended by attending veterinarian, as well as required license, in accordance with state and local laws.
5. Adopter acknowledges that animals cannot be trusted off-leash except in enclosed areas. Therefore, adopter will NOT permit the animal to run free or off-leash or out of immediate control. The adopted companion will never be 'tied-out' or 'staked out' or 'penned out'.
6. Adopter will NOT transport companion animal in an open truck bed or boat.
7. Adopter agrees that adopted animal will wear collar with current Rabies & ID tags.
8. Adopter agrees that animal will NOT be used for fighting, baiting, medical experimental or sacrificial purposes.
9. Adopter agrees to notify RCHS. at least 1 week prior to any changes of address.
10. If adopted animal is stolen, adopter shall notify RCHS within 3 days.
11. If for ANY reason, adopted animal cannot be kept by adopter, adopter agrees to contact RCHS and return it to RCHS or find another suitable home for the animal.
12. Adopter releases RCHS from all liability for injury or damage sustained while adopted animal is in possession of adopter.
13. Adopter takes the animal 'as is', with any defects either observable, or unobservable, and assumes full risk for adopted animal from date of receipt of animal.
14. Though care is given to physical condition and temperament evaluation of each animal that is accepted by RCHS and every reasonable effort is made to provide a rescued animal which is compatible with adopter's home, no warranty is made to the physical condition or temperament of adopted animal.
15. As of the date of receipt of the animal, the adopter assumes full responsibility for the adopted animal's actions and shall hold RCHS and its individual members harmless for all claims for personal injury to others, and/or property damage associated with adopted animal while adopted animal is in possession of adopter.
16. Adopter agrees to pay RCHS the adoption fee.
I agree to have my pet altered (spay or neuter) at the earliest time my vet recommends. I will inform RCHS when I select a vet for this surgery. Upon completion, I will have my vet submit written confirmation that the operation has been completed. At that time, I will be reimbursed the amount RCHS would have paid to perform the altering in Rutherford County, NC.
Send all information regarding altering to mewoof@bellsouth.net.
18. This agreement will take effect upon transfer of ownership of the animal to adopter. Transfer of ownership of the animal from RCHS to adopter will occur when adopter receives the animal.
19. RCHS and adopter agree to accept typed in names of each other below (electronic signatures), together with e-mails from the parties to each other acknowledging approval of this agreement, to be the equivalent of actual signatures of the parties.


Adopter's Signature Date

RCHS Representative's Signature Date
Fee Amount
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