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Personal Panthers
Adoptable Personal Panthers

Personal Panther  
by Bev Kalinowski

The sleek black cat leaps into the air.
Peacock feather prey moves on
as he crouches with pupils widening.
The green of his eyes become a thin lined circle as
his muscles wind up for the next attack.

He leaps with the morning sun behind him and
I cannot help but appreciate his lean, athletic silhouette.
Small velvet paws spread wide to reveal the
deadly weapons of an efficient hunter.

Faster than any Ninja, he is a real bit of wild
in my living room.
The couch becomes his mountain to conquer;
the laundry basket, his hide out.

This is my own personal panther.

He sits tall in the window and instantly becomes living art.
He rolls on the floor kicking a catnip mouse and is my muse.
When night time draws to a close,
he curls next me, purring and happy for his safe home.

Cat food, litter and vet care are a small price to pay
for having your own personal panther.




Several beautiful Personal Panthers are currently in foster care and available
for adoption through Rutherford County Humane Society. Personal Panthers come in an assortment of colors, shapes and sizes.
Personal tigers available too!


Note: I authorize Helen Jones to use this poem for the benefit and promotion of Rutherford County NC Humane Society. Any other use of this is forbidden without the author's permission.
Beverly Kalinowski