Soon after Susan Breen adopted Owen, he showed signs of trouble and his vet discovered a significant cardiac problem that could not have been diagnosed ahead of time here. The family loved him and just determined to enjoy him for what little time he still had, but In Feb. 2016 we got this email that he is still doing well! He was one of Navi's kittens. His mother Navi did not get adopted until January of this year. I feel this is one of the most laudable things about our foster program.

We don't throw them out if they don't get adopted in a certain range of time. We hold them until a home comes through for them!

Oliver Oliver

Susan Breen writes: I thought you’d like to know that in spite of the significant cardiac problem that was diagnosed soon after we adopted Oliver, he is doing wonderfully!  A Chinese Vet has had him on traditional cardiac meds and Chinese herbal supplements.  And, you’d never know that Ollie has any medical issues.  He is such a character - insists on playing fetch like a dog.  He has brought so much pleasure to our home and to the old cat we have and our 2 dogs.  You clearly do a wonderful thing saving these creatures.  Obviously, if we’d known that we were adopting a very precarious cat who could’ve died at any moment!, we would have rejected that creature.  However, we so enjoy our Oliver and treasure the time we have with him - hopefully many years.