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Lost Siberian Husky: Meeka


Meeka is a female Siberian husky who went missing December 6 in Cliffside near the Rutherford County/Cleveland County line. She is very sweet and friendly with all animals. She is medium sized (about 45 pounds) and should be wearing a yellow reflective collar with tags. The phone number on the tag is not connected anymore but I can be reached at 828-305-4976. She is fully vaccinated so she is not a threat to any other dogs. She has a full white three-leafed clover pattern on her face and is white and black. Each eye is half blue and half brown. She answers to "Meeka" and should come when called. Her picture is attached. Thank you so much! We are offering a substantial reward, no questions asked.


Lost Golden Retriever

Lost Golden Retriever
November 24, 2014. Found in Lake Lure. Call 828-980-1651 or 828-287-8847.

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Lost Collie Mix

Ranger Ranger

October 28, 2014. Hi - our 2 year old Collie Mix has gone missing from the Morganton area - he has a tattoo in his ear with a number from Burke County Friends for Animals - we adopted him in the spring of 2014 - he had a dog tag that said battleship of North Carolina on one side and My name is Ranger with a number to contact (my nephew had this made and he lives in Wilkes County so he put his cell number on it that is hit or miss to contact him on) - We are concerned that he was stolen - he has been missing three weeks now.  Please contact us if you find him - thank you! Kathy Bailey 828-413-4941 or kdbtallie@gmail.com


Lost German Shepherd

Lost German Shepherd

Our female German Shepherd went missing this morning off Hwy 108. She stays inside and we let her out this morning and she didn't return. She is fixed and has never run away. She is very skittish of people. She is about 10 yrs old. 
My contact info 
Heather Thompson 


Lost Doberman: Bishop


September 25, 2014. Bishop is a 3-year old Doberman, missing from the Shiloh area in Rutherford County.  He is neutered and is a very loving dog.  Bishop is a dark chocolate color.  Please help find our dog. His family misses him. Mark Parker 828-980-3583

Lost English Bulldog: Opie

September 19, 2014.  He was lost in W Asheville over a week ago, so now we are trying to get this to all surrounding counties: 2 yr old English bulldog, male, brown & white, $2000 reward, contact information: Jillian, (386)449-9628 or (386)585-0727, please pass this on to everyone.

Lost Dog: Lady
Lost Dog : Lady

Lady: Female Chow, Age 7 1/2, About 40-45 lbs, Golden Color
Gentle and loving, she is used to staying in house the majority of the time. Kennel trained and usually sleeps in kennel in our bedroom at night, although sometimes sleeps on the bed with us. We have had her since she was 4 weeks old. Wearing cloth collar with buckle and Rabies tag from Foothills Animal Clinic. Possibly a chain attached to collar when disappeared
Last seen 626 Hester Mill Rd and Poors Ford area Reward of $100 for her safe return.  Contact Darrell or Norma Devine: 828-247-1123, 828-429-7969, 828-447-8495.


Lost Cat: Bella Lowe

Lost Cat Bella Lowe
Kristine Lawson (posted).
Bella Lowe last seen on Tuesday September 9 on Valleyview Dr. Forest City, NC.Please share and help bring Bella home!!  Call (828) 447-8493 with any information!

Lost Dog: Buddy

Lost Dog Buddy

September 4, 2014 Lost in the area of Big Island Road in Rutherfordton. His name is Buddy. He is a skittish neutered male. He is a blue-merle sheltie. Buddy is four years old. He was last seen on September 1. Please call Ethel Rhodes at 423-736-3344



Lost Cat: Fanny

August 23, 2014. Fanny is a tabby, spayed female short haired. Has white chest and feet , approx. 5 yrs old .Missing Aug 9, 2014, late morning , before  seeing large Alaskan malamute destroy another of my pet cats. In area of Spindale past creek at end of pleasant st .
Contact 828-748-0682
Email- smloetz@aol.com

Lost Mountain Feist: Bugger

August 22, 2014. Bugger is eleven years old.  She is a Mountain Feist from the Spindale area.  I very much want to find her.  Please call me at 828~223~1401.
Blessings, Mary CB#: 8282231401

Lost Cat: Raven
August 19, 2014. Raven is a black-and-white tuxedo cat, wearing a white flea collar. She is mostly black with white paws, a white stomach, and half white chin. Raven is 9 years old, and weighs between 8-10 #.  Missing since 08/01.
Contact: Holly Roper
(828) 447-3534


Lost Dobie: Jagger

Jagger Jagger Jagger

August 13, 2014. This is Jagger.. He has been missing since earlier this week near Pea Ridge Rd. And Sunnyview Drive. He is a neutered male approx. 2 1/2 years old and is chipped .. Avid Friendship 025*853*260. He has a thick red color on and is extremely friendly. Please contact 828-899-0911




What to do to find your pet:

If you have lost a pet in Rutherford County, the best thing you can do is to get the word out in a hurry. If you have a picture of your pet, make flyers with large print of pet's name, identifying marks or characteristics. Include the date and place your pet was last seen. Put them in places like the stores and Post Office near you. Post them at street corners. Call the local vets and describe your pet to them and then take posters for the veterinary offices. Check your flyers regularly to be sure they are still where you placed them and that they remain in good condition.

If you wish to have us post information about your pet, please tell us the pet's name, breed, age, sex, size, where last seen, any other identifying information, your phone number and email address; and attach any photos. Send this in an email to catlady199@yahoo.com.


Advertise in the Lost and Found column of The Daily Courier and Rutherford Weekly.

Borrow a humane trap if your pet has been sited in a certain area. Check the trap frequently and keep fresh food in the trap. 

Also, post your pet on http://lostpetswnc.org and http://www.pets911.com/index.php


Foothills Veterinary Clinic Phone # 828-248-2168

Hinkle's Pet Hospital Phone # 828-287-5899

Rutherford Veterinary Hospital Phone # 828-286-9335

Thunder Road Animal Hospital Phone # 828-286-0033

Tri-City Animal Clinic, Phone # 828-286-2326

Bonnie Brae Veterinary Hospital, Phone # 828-894-6064

Contact these agencies where your pet might end up; and have them be watching for your lost pet.

Rutherford County Humane Society: Use "contact us" on this website or
Phone # 286-0222

Rutherford County Animal Control: http://www.rutherfordcountync.gov/dept/animal_shelter/Main.php
Phone # 287-6025

Hendersonville Humane Society: http://www.the-aarc.com/
Phone # 828-685-7107

Henderson County Animal Control: http://www.henderson.lib.nc.us/county/animals/
Phone # 828-697-4723

Polk County, Foothills Humane Society Shelter: http://www.animalshelter.org/shelters/Foothills_Humane_Society_rId3717_rS_pC.html
Phone # 828-863-4444

Cleveland County Humane Society: http://members.petfinder.org/~NC383/index.html
Phone # 704-487-4041

McDowell County Humane Society: Phone # 828-724-1980

Foothills Humane Society - 989 Little Mountain Road • Columbus, NC 28722 • Phone: (828) 863-4444 • FAX (828) 863-2122

And don't lose hope. 


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