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Lost Pets

If you wish to have us post information about your pet, please tell us the pet's name, breed, age, sex, size, where last seen, any other identifying information, your phone number and email address; and attach any photos. Send this in an email to catlady199@yahoo.com.

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Lost Siberian Husky
Lost Siberian Husky

5 yrs old Siberian Husky.  Ran out of yard May 12, 2016 at 11 pm. Her name is Cheyanne and answers to Chey..25 lbs. Sky Blue eyes. Lost in vicinity of Elm street Rutherfordton, NC . Very loved and spoiled. Please contact me via email connieking20@yahoo.com 

Lost Dog - Piper

Lost dog, Missing since May 7, 2016 from Thompson Road in Rutherfordton, NC. she is Yorkie and English bulldog mixed; very sweet dog and will go to anyone. She has more the Yorkie hair type. Piper is spayed. We are offering a reward and would appreciate any help. I feel she was picked up and she did not run off so any suggestions will be appreciated. If you have any information, please call 864-316-1577.


Lost Cat - Baby Kitty
Baby Kitty

April 25, 2016. Hi my name is Kaehyna. Our cat Baby Kitty has been missing since Wednesday from Thomas Street in Rutherfordton. She is an inside and outside cat. She's small in size but kinda chubby. She has been fixed and is never gone for this long. I have attached a picture of her. She may have just met a friend and hasn't come back yet. But like I said she's not usually gone this long. I've been calling her several times a day and night but she hasn't come and that's defiantly not like her. I have walked around the neighborhood calling for her also. She is maybe 3 years old. If you find her, please call 828-230-0448.


Lost Boxer - Sophie

Missing Dog Sophie

2 Lost Dogs

Loki Catahoula Mix

Two lost dogs from Gerton, NC, Henderson County from the Bearwallow mountain/ Fairview area. Lost 3 ½ weeks ago.

One male Catahoula/ German shepherd mix, gray and black merle pattern in color. Similar to gray and black camoflague. Has a half a blue eye. Around 70 pound and 7 years old. He is nice mannered, microchipped, and neutered.

Second named Loki, boxer lab mix all white with brown spots on his eye. Around sixty pounds and is 2 years old. He is nice as well and microchipped as well as neutered.

Please call 919-622-2580 if you have any information about these dogs.



Lost Dog

February 17, 2015. Lost from Morning Star Lake Road in Forest City. Buster is a small to medium German Shepherd/Bassett Hound mix.  He has a white spot above his nose.  He is tan with white on his belly and back and is tan on his legs.  There is some black on his ears.  He is very friendly. If found or seen call 828-200-4390 or 828 429-3130. Has collar, name tags and other tags.


Lost Dog
Lost Dog

Notice received 01/28/16




What to do to find your pet:

If you have lost a pet in Rutherford County, the best thing you can do is to get the word out in a hurry. If you have a picture of your pet, make flyers with large print of pet's name, identifying marks or characteristics. Include the date and place your pet was last seen. Put them in places like the stores and Post Office near you. Post them at street corners. Call the local vets and describe your pet to them and then take posters for the veterinary offices. Check your flyers regularly to be sure they are still where you placed them and that they remain in good condition.

If you wish to have us post information about your pet, please tell us the pet's name, breed, age, sex, size, where last seen, any other identifying information, your phone number and email address; and attach any photos. Send this in an email to catlady199@yahoo.com.


Advertise in the Lost and Found column of The Daily Courier and Rutherford Weekly.

Borrow a humane trap if your pet has been sited in a certain area. Check the trap frequently and keep fresh food in the trap. 

Also, post your pet on http://lostpetswnc.org and http://www.pets911.com/index.php


Foothills Veterinary Clinic Phone # 828-248-2168

Hinkle's Pet Hospital Phone # 828-287-5899

Rutherford Veterinary Hospital Phone # 828-286-9335

Thunder Road Animal Hospital Phone # 828-286-0033

Tri-City Animal Clinic, Phone # 828-286-2326

Bonnie Brae Veterinary Hospital, Phone # 828-894-6064

Contact these agencies where your pet might end up; and have them be watching for your lost pet.

Rutherford County Humane Society: Use "contact us" on this website or
Phone # 286-0222

Rutherford County Animal Control: http://rutherfordcountync.gov/animalshelter
Phone # 287-6025

Hendersonville Humane Society: http://www.the-aarc.com/
Phone # 828-685-7107

Henderson County Animal Control: http://www.henderson.lib.nc.us/county/animals/
Phone # 828-697-4723

Polk County, Foothills Humane Society Shelter: http://www.animalshelter.org/shelters/Foothills_Humane_Society_rId3717_rS_pC.html
Phone # 828-863-4444

Cleveland County Humane Society: http://members.petfinder.org/~NC383/index.html
Phone # 704-487-4041

McDowell County Humane Society: Phone # 828-724-1980

Foothills Humane Society - 989 Little Mountain Road • Columbus, NC 28722 • Phone: (828) 863-4444 • FAX (828) 863-2122

And don't lose hope. 


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