When we first got Lola, her posting said: Lola is a solid black female Lab mix, born on Jan. 5, 2015. She loves to snuggle and play, paper trained when you're gone all day or through the night, she will go out and use the bathroom when you let her out.

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Lola Lola

She was adopted in March, 2015, through our dog adoption coordinator, Linda Long, and was then transported to her new home.

At first, her new adopters thought that they would have to give Lola back, but Linda encouraged them to keep her for a while to see how she would adjust. This is an email that we received from her adopters in September, 2015.

My husband and I adopted Lola from you back in march of this year.It had been 8 yrs since I had a puppy and brought up some concerns to my old vets office . They immediately wanted e to send the pup back. I was beside myself,as was my husband. We said no ! We will not send her back! We have done basic obedience puppy class and also manners class with Lola. She is a lab/chow mix. The comment that was made in the class was that Lola was the most well behaved dog in the class! We love her and she will be at our side for the rest of her life. She is a wonderful addition to our home and is so beautiful! As I mentioned our vet clinic is our Former vet. No person or animal is perfect,work through it and your adopted puppy or dog will be your best friend. Thank you for our blessing!

Lola arrived at my home 6 weeks after losing my two labs 5 days apart. The house was so lonely without them. We needed to fill the void and knowing how black dogs are most often overlooked in shelters we made the decision to rescue a little black puppy named Lola . That face! That beautiful little face was irresistible. Lola is a Lab/Chow mix with a beautiful black and pink tongue. She loves to ride on our 4 wheeler. She will sit very quietly and confidently on the seat behind us.She won us over the day we picked her up. When I took her in for her 1st check up at the vets office, I had mentioned that she growled a bit if she had to share the water bowl with my older dog. It had been so long since we had a puppy in the house I wasn't sure if puppies did that or not. After my vet had checked her over, she told me I needed to give her back because she was concerned about aggression. I was devastated and shocked at what the vet had said. I called Linda. Linda and I made countless phone calls back and forth to help us through the issue. We took her to puppy obedience training and a manners class. She was wonderful! Passed the classes with flying colors.
Lola is now a little over 1 year old and we have 2 other rescues we took in. Lola is such a joy and is like the leader of the pack{ besides me). The other dogs look up to her for guidance. She loves to dig,swim, go for car rides and wants to be close to me most of all.. I love to watch her play with her toys as she falls over on her back and holds the ball between her paws and throws it. She is just a clown. She loves to give kisses, your face,ears,nothing is off limits and cleans up any scraps that might have landed on your belly. She sleeps on the bed between me and my husband. You couldn't move her if you wanted to! She has claimed her space and wants to be touching us at all times. She even potty trained herself within a week or two. She has never had an accident in the house since than. I remember the first time she did. I said "what happened here"? She came over to see what the problem was, looked up at me in disbelief and realized what she had done. The look on her face was priceless. She never made a mistake again.
I am so glad Lola is in our lives and we didn't listen to the vet. They don't have all the answers! Linda was so worried and I am so sorry for putting her through that.She told me not to give up and we didn't. She was a phone call away and our saving grace ! That's why she is so good at what she does. I can't even imagine not having Lola in my life. She is laying under my feet as I write this.She is protective over me and my family.Watches out for us. She is there by my side. She is independent,loyal ,loves to give kisses and above all, so very loving. She has made our lives complete again. Love you Lola with all my heart!

In November, 2015, she wrote:

Linda she is so beautiful inside and out! I want to try and pics of all of them together but if not I'll get one to you of her.She really is a gorgeous dog .I have to get one outside cos her coat is so shiny and her eyes are as black as her fur. She is so gentle and kind. We just love her to pieces as we love them all. She is very special and endearing. Her back legs are so straight it makes her look so proud and stately.I can"t even describe how beautiful she has become.

In March, 2016, she wrote:

Well I can't believe Lola is a year old already.! She had this beautiful tongue with black on it that looked like it had been tatooed when she was a puppy now her tongue is almost completely black. We love her to pieces. Had to bring her to the vets yesterday because she had been limping on her front leg. She had also had been throwing up so I was worried. Thought for sure she had done something to her leg.Well the checked her blood for lymes disease. I was very surprised to find out she is positive. She is now on amoxicillin and pain control. Today she is so much better but still have 30 days of antibiotics. I hate these freaken Ticks! She is only a year old for Pete's sake! Just wanted to update you. She has the most adorable face and we just love her. I feel so bad about the ticks but I guess it can't be helped. She has been on advantix and now we have her on a pill form that is suppose to last 3 months at a time, which I started in January. Nothing seems to kill those things ! One dog (casey) is negative , now I will have the other 2 dogs tested to find out  how they stand.

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Lola Louie & Lola Lola