Little Man

Little Man

This is how we posted Little Man in August, 2014

Little Man is a male champagne/white poodle mix, born on January 8, 2013.  He weighs 5 lbs. He has disabled rear legs and has his own WHEELIES. Little Man has a darling personality.  He is confident, very affectionate and gives kisses. He needs a very SPECIAL family. These dogs were rescued from a small Puppy mill on July 7. 2014, and have been recovering from Sarcoptic Mange, ear and eye infections, and deplorable dental conditions, for which many, but not all, have received treatment. They are in foster care, and are ready now to be adopted, to finish their recuperation.

It was discovered, at that time, that Little Man was unable to use his back legs.

Little Man Little Man

As a result, one of our generous contributors provided a “Wheel Chair “ for Little Man.

Little Man's Wheel Chair

Little Man adapted quicky to his wheel chair and gets around very well

Little Man Little Man Little Man