Jackson is a male Doberman, approximately 7 years old. He was rescued this past December, 2015.  He came to us due to medical neglect. Jackson had a large tumor  on one hind leg. His owners were going to just let him die from the tumor. THANKFULLY, they agreed to surrender him to the Rutherford County Humane Society.

Jackson Jackson Jackson after surgery


The estimated cost of the surgery was $600. Donations had been requested and received. The problem was that he might have lost the entire leg, not to mention, his life. And the tumor might have been cancerous.  He went into surgery to remove the tumor. The surgery was a success and the biopsy was negative. Jackson had physical therapy and time to recover. He was neutered and brought up-to-date on his immunizations.

After this, he had been in foster care while we got to know him. His fosters reported that they think he is a great dog. He walks on a leash and is house trained. He had gotten along well with people and the other dogs in his foster home. All efforts to teach Jackson not to chase cats had failed, however, so he needed a home with no cats .

Jackson Jackson Jackson

Jackson was adopted on March 7, 2016 His adopted parent writes:

His adopted name was "Jackson", but he never responded to it, so we've actually since treat trained him to respond to "KG" or "Kevin". He responds to both of those really well now (think it must sound like "come on").

KG has been settling into my home in Atlanta very well! He follows me everywhere I go like a typical velcro Dobie. We do just about everything together.  He's gained about 7 pounds so far, and is very active and muscular now, so getting healthier day by day. His vet says he should gain about 3 more.

We go for lots of walks and hikes and he gets a lot of off leash time at the dog park that we go to twice a day. He's very gentle when he plays, and has lots of dog friends of all shapes and sizes. He loves running and chasing squirrels and pigeons at the park, but mostly loves being lazy and sleeping at home. He gets a lot of attention for his size and sweetness, and everybody loves him in the community.

It took him some time to go up and down stairs, or jump in an out of the car, but he's got the hang of it now! He has since learned to fetch, sit, lay down, shake and spin. He's learned how to walk nicely on a leash, and sits at every intersection - so he's come a long way!

He's so eager to learn and be obedient. He doesn't chew on anything unless he knows it's his, and he never really barks at unreasonable things. He really is an amazing, smart, loving dog, and I'm very thankful and happy to have him as my companion.

Jackson Jackson Jackson

Jackson Jackson

Kevin is doing really great! He just celebrated his 8th birthday this month. I actually just purchased a house last week. Still in Atlanta- but now he's got a great big yard! He loves it, so now I'm hoping to adopt another dog as soon as we get more settled in to give him a playmate. 

Other than that, we still go hiking and walk the beltline just about every weekend. He's crazy about nature and even learned how to swim (that was very foreign to him!) He took a road trip up to Wisconsin with me again this year for Christmas-  he still hates the cold snow. Haha! He is still sweet as can be and everybody just loves him :)
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Jackson Jackson Jackson Jackson
Jackson Jackson Jackson Jackson