Gibbs Gibbs Gibbs


JacksoBeautiful, young German Shepherd male

Gibbs had a home where he was greatly loved, but his human mom  got sick and was unable to keep him. Also, he was living outside in a run with a dog house. Being a very large Shepherd, he was not getting the attention or exercise that he needed. His mommy. however, to her credit, realized that this was very unfair to him and asked us at The Rutherford County Humane Society to place him in a home where he would be a part of the family.

I am the Adoption coordinator for RCHS and pride myself in making the very best matches possible. Knowing a dog is in the Best forever home for him, is what makes my job so gratifying.   So the search started.  Finally the application for Gibbs came in from the Oram's and my instincts, that are usually correct, told me that they were the right people to adopt him. ...Great Vet report, lovely home, lot of acreage and, best of all, the love I had hoped he would get.
Even with a snow storm in Massachusetts, Mr. Oram and a friend drove down to get him, as his wife was so very excited and could not wait.

The last part of our adoption application asks:
Please tell us a little about yourself and why you feel you could provide a good home for a rescued companion animal:  The answer: "I have constantly had a dog all my life and love big fluffy shepherds mostly. I love to groom my dog and bond. My last dog, Bosco was really smart and we walked off leash all the time. I love to walk in the woods with my dog and play in the snow! When the lake is frozen we go out to see all the ice fisherman and explore the islands. In the summer we take the boat out with the dog and swim and let the dog run on the islands. Our home feels so empty with out a dog. My neighbors always say-you are such a good dog owner, I always see you walking!"

While reading this, I knew that this is where he belonged.

It has been two years now. Mrs Oram  keeps in touch on a regular basis and sends pictures of Gibbs. (by the way, NCIS is her favorite show on television and Gibbs is the star on the show).  Gibbs now has large spaces to run in with long walks in the woods. Mrs. Oram even has him in class to bond them even closer. This has been one of my most gratifying matches, and I am excited to get more updates and pictures. "Way to Go Gibb's!"  

Linda Long

Gibbs Gibbs