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Found Dog
Found Dog

A photo is attached of a female dog found on Cane Creek Mtn Rd. (near Cane Creek Baptist Church).  First seen on Tuesday, Feb 21, she weighs 53 lbs, looks healthy & clean, and is very friendly.  She keeps wanting to come into the house, like she’s used to being inside.  Steve Crowley cell: (828) 429-9982


Found Black Dog

Found Black Dog Found Black Dog

02/14/17 This dog has been seen around our house last week and this week.  It's between Justice Drive and the Lake Lure Municipal Golf Course.  Wearing a blue collar and has a white marking on the chest.  My phone is 828 625 0888.  He seems pretty friendly since he has not attacked my dog who tries to chase him away.




Found dog
Found Dog

February 2, 2017. Saw this dog on Island Creek Road in Lake Lure today.  No collar and looks forlorn and lost. If this is your dog, please call 704 604 4726.


Found Dog

Found Dog Found Dog







Male mix found 1/20. Young, friendly, red collar, no tags. 70 lbs. 157 JA

Male mix found 1/20. Young, friendly, red collar, no tags. 70 lbs. 157 JA Hampton RD in Rutherfordton. Call or text 978-340-0438.


Found Cat
Found Cat

January 19, 2017. My name is Arthur Rhodes phone number 828-429-8675.  A black and white cat has been staying around my home for about last week now.  Last few days he's just stayed here and not left.  He's probably about a year old.  Has a flea collar on also.  Contact me by call or text if this is your cat.

Found Dog
Found Dog

She ran into my yard on Saturday December 31, around 1pm. I live on Georgia St in Spindale. She is in my fence, but I cannot keep her. Need to find a foster until her owners call or find her a home. The neighbors are complaining about her barking and whining. She looks like a lab mix but not sure. My cell # is 748-0349

Found Dog
Found Dog

December 2, 2016. Found dog - on old ballpark rd in forest city, 1/2 mile from Hudlow. Call 625-9361 if this is your dog.


Found German Shepherd
Found German Shepherd

My neighbors and I have found a beautiful German shepherd mix.   He is a young male with no collar and no microchip. He was found near 2nd Baptist Church in Rutherfordton and followed a neighbor to Maple St.  I found him at Rutherfordton campus of Isothermal College (old Rutherfordton Elementary) grounds.
My number is 828-429-9611.  I have him at my house at the moment and am trying to find the owners.  I am attaching a picture to post.  I may keep him if no one claims him.


Found Male Beagle
Found Beagle

July 10, 2016. Last night we found a male Beagle at the back of our farm on Romey Campbell Road, near Duncan's Creek in Ellenboro, NC. He's a bit shy and friendly but not wearing a tag. He's a tri-color Beagle, unneutered. He misses his family. Please call 828-245-2056 or 704-607-1861.





The best way to list a Found Pet is much the same as listing a Lost Pet.


If you have found a pet in Rutherford County, the best thing you can do is to get the word out in a hurry. If you have a picture of the found pet, make flyers with large picture of the pet, identifying marks or characteristics. Include the date and place the pet was found. Put them in places like the stores and Post Office near you. Post them at street corners. Call the local vets and describe the pet to them and then take posters for the veterinary offices. Check your flyers regularly to be sure they are still where you placed them and that they remain in good condition.

Also, the Daily Courier will let you place a free ad for several days.

If you wish to have us post information about the found pet, please tell us the pet's name (if known), breed, age, sex, size, where found, any other identifying information, your phone number and email address; and attach any photos. Send this in an email to catlady199@yahoo.com and indicate that this is a Found Pet in the email.

In addition, you may want to post them on: http://lostpetswnc.org



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