Dickens Dickens

Dickens was first posted as:
Dickens is a male grey tabby kitten, born on March 15, 2016. I'm a little Dickens, If you are looking for a kitten with lots and lots of energy. I think I could be your guy. I have 3 brothers and we like to play and play and play, then eat and drink and yawn and sleep on foster mom, we wear each other out and foster mom too. We all have lots of fun, you should get at least one of us so you don't miss out!

Dani Whipple was his foster mom. On May 28, she wrote to his adopted parent.

My name is Dani Whipple, I was Dickens foster mom.
I wanted to check in to see how he is? And to tell you what the food I sent with him is. It's Blue Buffalo "Freedom" And Nutro "Duck and Potato"
He had a bath before he left, then he and his brothers played leaping Lemurs, they had food, water, and litter all over the pen, blanket,  and, themselves.
So they didn't smell like  the wonderful shampoo I use on them.

His new mom wrote:

Hi Dani,
He is doing well , I was a little worried when I picked him up , we have had exceptionally hot and humid weather for this early in the season( 90's) On the ride home he was yakking , then he got real still and quiet then I opened pet carrier and he was in a deep sleep , I was still a little worried. Once we got in the house after 10 minutes all worries were gone . I haven't seen him walk yet he just bolts , so much energy and fun to watch.
he wanders around and cries every so often , I think he misses you and his brothers , I try and distract him when it happens and get him to play , it seems to work for a while. He is climbing the curtain as I write this. He is wild but he also likes to be picked up and cuddled, nice mix. You did a good job with him he's very lovable.
I have attached a few photos.
Thanks for the food and the info

Dickens in his new home:

Dickens Dickens Dickens

On Jun 7, 2016 8:05 AM, his new Mom wrote:

Hi Dani,

Dickens has settled in nicely , he is so adorable and so much fun. He has totally stolen my heart.

When I picked him up last week from the van , I was suppose to get paperwork health cert etc. etc.
In all the confusion with the truck being a few hours late and all , I received a bag with the food from you and toys from you but I didn't get the paperwork from the driver and I didn't realize it till I got home. I did send an email to Helen and she said she would get the paperwork to me.

But I figured you might know what I need to do vet wise. What should I tell the vet to get him started or what should I tell the vet he needs done. Any and all help would be much appreciated.

Hi Gerry,
Dani wrote back:

I'm so glad he is doing so well!
Thrilled he has stolen your heart (I guess he's collecting, he got mine :)
He has been snapped tested, negative For feline leukemia & Fiv.
He has been Microchiped.
Had his 1ST and 2nd shots, wormed and had topical revolution flea treatment.
I'm not sure of date on second set of shots, Helen keeps those records. So does our vet. Their staff is out today to attend a funeral so I'll have to wait to get that info. I believe Helen is there as well. As soon as I can get in touch with one of them I'll get the dates for you. I believe it was within a few days of transport.
Of course he was not neutered because of his age but there will be a certificate for ( I'm not sure how much) reimbursement once he has been fixed.
You may want to have another fecal, just because there are a couple of things that kittens often get that don't show up on every fecal. When they do a fecal at your vet they will check for those and anything he may have picked up on transport, he could have picked up fleas, if so the revolution should kill them but they will check for tapeworms too.
Our transport service is great but there is always a chance that one of the animals had some fleas that snuck by.
That should be everything.
When you get your paperwork you will get his chip number.
Anything else just let me know. Give him a big kiss for me  <3
If you can get a pic. Of him with you and write a little about your experience we would love it! We'll post it on our site and our Facebook page of adopted kitties with their new families. I just adore those
It helps to look at that when I think of the ones we were unable to save.
People like you make saving little lives possible,
Thank you for giving him a loving forever home!

Gerry wrote back:

I have attached a picture of Dickens and me.


My adoption experience from beginning to end was fantastic and I guess I shouldn't say end because I still am receiving help and information from everyone any time I ask. I have a great new companion, he is loving and full of fun. I smile a lot more since " Dickens " came into my life and I have made new friends at the Rutherford County Humane Society, many thanks to Dani,  his foster mom, Cathe who helped put Dickens and me together, and Helen who kept me informed with travel information. A great bunch of people who you can tell love their jobs.
Thanks to all,