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Rutherford County Humane Society Contract for Courtesy Post

Please complete this application, print out a copy for yourself, then click on the Submit Form Button. We will get back to you ASAP. If you have problems with the application scrolling, you may want to try a different Internet Browser than you are presently using. (Microsoft Internet Explorer, Google Chrome, Moxilla Foxfire, and Opera - to mention a few)

Rutherford County Humane Society would be happy to list your dog/cat with our pets for adoption. Each listing lasts for 60 days.

RCHS agrees to: 1) list your pet on all our adoption websites, 2) check all applicants to be sure to find the best owner and 3) be responsible for all necessary veterinary needs relating to the adoption.
You must agree that if you should find a home for your pet during the listing period, the new adopter would need to: 1) fill out the application, 2) meet the requirements for Humane Society adoptions, and 3) pay the RCHS adoption fee.

After the 60 day listing, you may request an additional listing period by emailing RCHS and letting us know. Otherwise the listing will end at 60 days.

Making certain that your pet is placed in the best possible home is our goal. You may rest assured that we investigate the potential adopter thoroughly. We even try to give them information to email you pictures and updates. This helps to assure you that they are in loving homes.

Helen Jones, Director
Rutherford County Humane Society


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