Cody and Clyde

These kittens were adopted from the Rutherford County Humane Society and transported to their new home on May 21, 2016.

Their new owners wrote to Cathe Frierman, Cat Adoption Coordinator:

They could not be better. And they could not be more adorable. The transport guys were awesome. We gave them a care package for their ride home :) After we picked them up yesterday, they were playing and wrestling in the carrier in the car the whole way home. They have an awesome room of their own for rest times. We let them explore the house today and even took them in our back yard on harnesses. They are very energetic! But so cute when they crash and want to snuggle. They are so well-adjusted. Cindy Odom did an awesome job raising these babies. They really are so unbelievably socialized and bonded with each other. My heart is melting and smiling at the same time. Thank goodness for people like you. Here are some pics!!

Cody & Clyde Cody & Clyde Cody & Clyde
Cody & Clyde Cody & Clyde Cody & Clyde