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Black Cats




Do Black Cats Bring Bad Luck?

It is that time of year.
The air is cool. Leaves are beginning to turn.
Halloween cards with scary, evil black cats with witches and ghosts cover the card sections in all the stores.
Superstition says that black cats bring bad luck.
This is the only time you even see pictures of Black Cats anywhere.

I have had many Black Cats come into my life.
Some have lived with me for many years.
Some have passed through as fosters; all ages and sexes.

None of them have been evil or scary or have brought me bad luck.
I have found the personality of all the Black Cats I have met, to be more like a dog's personality.

Most come when you call them and would rather have their person's company then that of another cat or a dog.
They adapt to most situations and learn very quickly.
They seem to think about a problem until they work out a solution.

A very interesting thing about all of the Black Cats who have lived with me...they like to play in water.
Water dishes, sinks, the bathtub and most of all, the toilet.
They are mesmerized by the flush; trying to catch the water as it goes down.

Most are talkative and will be happy to ask how your day has been.
Or sit in your lap and purr to calm you when you are upset.

Some are so black they appear blue.
Their eyes vary in color from copper to green.
When they look at you, you know they have something on their mind; Usually a need for a good petting or maybe a dish of food.

Most are more than willing to participate in a game of fetch or a roll in catnip.
One of my fosters would just like to play in my hair.
A catnap on the couch would be a great way to spend some time with their favorite person.

So the next time you are walking through the store and see the wall of Halloween cards with all the crazy scary Black Cats...
Think of the pictures you have seen with this story.

You might just think it would be wonderful to live with a Black Cat.
And just maybe a Black Cat would bring you good luck and lots of lovin!'

- By Sissi Neace, Rutherford County Humane Society