Bailey Bailey

Bailey’s story is a good one!!!  Baileys adopter lived in New Jersey so when we needed her picked up I called on a friend who lives in NJ she has her own rescue I asked her if she could go pick Bailey up ASAP   She went over that day after work and picked Bailey up. Bailey spent the night with Cara.  She then drove 40 minutes to meet my sister in law on the jersey turnpike who agreed to foster Bailey for me just till we figured things out.  Needless to say it took a while but Bailey found a great home..  The best part was the help I received no questions asked from Cara (Jersey rescue), who went out of her way to help, and from Patti (Pa rescue) who did a home check for me. This was a great story all the pieces just fell into place!!!! 

Bailey Bailey Bailey

The story of Bailey is another indicator of how we are consistent in caring for our adopted pets. Bailey's adopter wanted to return her. He lived in PA and so when Bailey's foster Alison Shanahan got the call that we needed to take her back, she relayed this message and Christine Starke who had family in PA arranged for her sister (in-law?) to take Bailey in as a foster until we could find an adopter up there in PA. It took a little time, but Bailey went to her new home which turned out to be just 20 minutes away from where the foster lived!