Angel & Gypsy
Gypsy and Angel

From Helen Jones, RCHS president:
This is the facebook message Dr Michelle Toms sent to me:

Laine went to Arden yesterday to castrate her cow and dehorn him and someone had gone to get a trailer from someone the morning before. They didn't know it until yesterday that there were around 3 week old kittens in the trailer. The person said they were going to take them to the pound and you know me.......they had been around 30 hours without milk. I have been feeding them but with all I have going on right now with jack, I just don't have time for kittens. Do you know of anyone who could take them? I am going to take them to the horse show today to see if I can find someone willing to adopt them. But just in case....

So I wrote Michelle back that if the kittens didn't get rescued at the horse show, Daniel could take them. The next day they were brought to RVH and Michelle's granddaughter, Caroline Greene, who is fostering Mayble and her kittens for us, bottle fed them for 24 hours until Daniel could come get them.

The adopter wrote

05/14/16 We are a family that lives in Massachusetts. We wanted to adopt a pair of kittens and tried getting in touch with local shelters and rescue organizations. Unfortunately, we received no email or anyone returned our calls. Before we gave up, I went one last time on and saw two adorable kittens offered for adoption by the Rutherford County Humane Society. This is when our luck changed and I spoke to Cathe. Her responsiveness, concern with both the welfare of the animals and adopting family needs made our adoption experience both easy and enjoyable. We have no words to express our satisfaction with the staff at the Rutherford County Humane Society. 

These Kittens are only 3 1/2 weeks old.  Won't be transporting for 6 weeks or so.  

Our adoption coordinator, Cathe Frierman writes:

Actually she originally applied for two others I was already working on and had adopters.  So I continued to work with her and when Helen sent me that picture I forwarded it to her.  She said yes and was willing to wait 6 weeks for them.  Daniel has them now and will keep in contact with her and send her pictures while she waits.

Angel Angel
Gypsy Gypsy

Daniel Morelock, the kittens foster, continues to bottle-feed them.  He took the above photos and sent them to the adopter.

The adopter writes:
The story is worthy of a movie! Why was not the mom cat around the kittens when they were found? I promise to continue the story of how these two kittens grow up loved in the company of two radiant children and two adults who will provide a comfortable home for the rest of these cats' lives. Thank you very much.

This story is to be continued……………